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Masquerades & Massacres

Education & Emancipation

You are invited to attend a special lecture series at the Girton College study retreat. Short contributions are invited from guest lecturers, and we hope to cover a wide variety of topics from mythology to engineering, from history to science, from cake to military strategy.
Mrs Mencken.

The Player Event Education & Emancipation will run on 30th November to 2nd December 2012. It's going to be based in March 1828, and revolve around a lecture series hosted by members of Girton College, Cambridge. Players are invited to give short lectures of their own.
Price: 60 fully catered (62.50 via Paypal to cover fees).
Please pay by end September. If this is not possible, please mail to confirm booking.
Payment via Paypal to, or via direct transfer (please email Sarah for details)

Site details: YHA Eyam, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 5QP -
Please note: this site has a paying bar and the terms of their license do not permit us to bring our own alcohol on site.
Catering is being done by the YHA. Please let me know about allergies and dietary requirements. Free tea and coffee will be available, there is also a self catering kitchen we can use. We will be running an afternoon tea and would appreciate cake contributions from our players.

Both new and old characters will be able to attend the next event.
New players should read the Character Generation rules, then send a completed character form to

To chat about the event, go to our Facebook page or the Forum.

Event 5 (the final event)

Our final event will hopefully run in March 2013, and will be based in the early 1830s. More details at a future point!

There may be events after the 5th event, but if so they'll probably be based considerably later and/or in a dramatically different world. And I'm not guaranteeing that there will be! Event 5 is definitely the end of the current campaign.

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