Welcome to www.haukr.co.uk, a re-enactor's homepage. Here you'll find details and photos explaining about re-enactment and the societies I'm a member of; about events I've attended; and about the different Viking Age characters I play. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at haukragnarsson@googlemail.com

Re-enactment explained
Reviews of shows & displays
My characters & their history
What is Re-enactment?
What is Wychwood?
What is DAS?
The Norman Conquest: Hastings 2006
Arthur's Last Battle: Summer at Tintagel
Life in a Viking Village: Easter at York
Godfrid the Saxon
Hauk the Viking
Galfridas the Norman & his family

This page is aimed at people who aren't re-enactors. If you are a re-enactor, I recommend checking out Wikiwood (wychwood.wikidot.com), the wiki written by the Wychwood Warriors. It's got lots of articles on clothing, fighting, history, event reviews, vendor reviews, etc etc etc!