Galfridas the Norman & his family

I mainly re-enact as Godfrid the Saxon or Hauk the Viking. However I have collected some items from a bit later, and there are times when I play characters from after 1066.

At those times, I tend to play characters who are my actual ancestors. My Mum's family are the Northcotes, a very old family. They can trace their ancestory back to Galfridas de Nordcote, who settled in Devon in 1103. So when I need to be a knight in shining armour, I use his coat of arms.

I don't take high medieval re-enactment very seriously. Which is why the costumes you see above are very inauthentic and are a mish-mash of styles (the neck armour is a civil war gorget, the shiny helmet is Norman, the big helmet is 13th century...) On the other hand, both of those pictures were taken at Tintagel, a Arthurian re-enactment. So obviously historical accuracy wasn't the most important criteria!

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