Arthur's Last Battle- Summer at Tintagel
Galfridas and Beornwulf in the charge

The Battle of Camlann ("Arthur's Last Battle") was a multi-group re-enactment event that used to be held every year at Tintagel in Cornwall (the place where King Arthur was conceived according to some stories). In 2007, 2008 and 2009 there were several hundred re-enactors there, including small contingents from DAS and Wychwood.

It was very different Hastings. Most places care lots about historical accuracy and that sort of thing. Tintagel didn't. At Tintagel, the only thing that really mattered was looking funky.

Tintagel had a fairly packed series of events, including two different battles, all of which was done identically on Saturday and Sunday.

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Beornwulf in the sword-and-shield tournament

The mornings at Tintagel featured a whole load of small events. There was a parade through town in full armour, one-on-one combat tournaments (like the video I made above of one of my mates), archery competitions, bird of prey displays, that sort of thing.

Mornings - Knights in Shining Armour - The Dark Ages - Other Stuff

Knights in Shining Armour
Galfridas is about to die...

The first big battle at Tintagel, just after lunch, featured everyone in their best Hollywood-style (or possibly Monty Python-style) knightly costumes. Lots of clanky metal knights hitting each other hard. It was really good fun, if a bit tiring!
The fights followed a fairly simple script. We'd run together, clash, fight for a bit, then separate. And repeat, with occassional champion fights thrown in.

I wore my red-and-yellow Galfridas costume, although most of my mates just wore normal Anglo-Saxon or Viking gear.

Mornings - Knights in Shining Armour - The Dark Ages - Other Stuff

The Dark Ages
Godfrid and Wychwood (plus a random behind us!)

The second big battle at Tintagel was a Dark Ages fight, something a bit more like the historical Arthur. In theory. In practice, costumes weren't actually all that much different: people just left off their plate armour and tabards.
This battle tended to be a bit more complex than the medieval battle, and feature a shieldwall charging a line of archers. This was very exciting, if rather terrifying!

I wore my Godfrid costume, plus a helmet and chainmail coif. Some people do headshots at Tintagel, so the extra protection was essential!

Mornings - Knights in Shining Armour - The Dark Ages - Other Stuff

Other Stuff
Galfridas's page tries on his big bro's helmet for size...

Lots of other fun stuff happened at Tintagel. There was a market to buy shiny things and cloth at, a living history encampment and a beer tent with very buxom serving wenches (which sold mead and was cheaper for re-enactors!)
Also, my Little Bro turned up and acted as my page (in a matching tabard) in 2007 and 2009, which was very cute.

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