Wargaming: Armies of Toy Soldiers

I'm a big fan of Games Workshop's crazy sci-fi wargame Warhammer 40,000. I'm putting all my conversions and stuff up on a series of blogs:
Imperial Guard Grots
Warhammer Goblins converted into Blood Axe Gretchin impersonating Imperial Guard regiments, using Imperial Guard rules
blank Adeptus Mechanicus
A heavily armoured and heavily converted Adeptus Mechanicus force, using Space Marine (or similar) rules
blank Mitey Heroes
All the rest of my random shit: Viking Gnomes, True-Scale Deathwatch, The Minoboar, and so on.

Finally, have a link to a GorkaMorka fansite I made years ago. GorkaMorka was an ace game, based on Necromunda but with Orks in Buggies pretending to be Mad Max!

That's all, folks. You might like to go back to my main page?